So after what felt like the longest month of my life, yesterday I finally received my acceptance email from Kansai Gaidai!

For the last month I’ve had my phone attached to me at all times just in case the email came. The one night I come home from work exhausted and leave my phone in the bathroom, I get the email. I was half asleep at 8 in the morning and just happened to see my phone in the bathroom. All I saw when I looked at the email was ACCEPTED. That’s all I needed to know at that moment. I woke up Alan, made phone calls, and generally just flipped out with excitement.

It still doesn’t feel real though. Maybe when I buy my plane ticket it will feel more final. Peter hasn’t heard back yet, and I’m going to wait until he does to buy a ticket. I want to fly with him and get our seats together. I can wait a few weeks. All I’ve been thinking about is whether or not I was even going to be accepted. And now that I am, it’s an incredible relief. I can enjoy my summer and work on getting everything together. I have a ton of stuff I need to get done before August.

For right now though all I can think is, I’M GOING TO JAPAN!

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