Its the final countdown!

So seeing that in exactly a month I’ll be sitting on a plane to go to Japan, I figured I should update! It’s been a while since I last did, but I honestly didn’t have a whole lot going on other than work. Kansai has been sending out a lot of emails concerning different programs and classes though. And I also finally got my oh-so-elusive certificate of eligibility, which is the key to getting a visa. Peter and I went downtown this last Thursday to submit all of of documents for it. They said it would take about a week, and I’m glad to finally have that almost of out the way.

We received our dorm assignments today as well! I picked Seminar House 3 as my first choice. But we were told that a lot of people request that dorm, and not to expect that we would be placed there. As it turns out I ended up getting it anyway. It’s an extra three hundred dollars to stay there since it an ‘apartment style’ dorm, but I don’t mind paying for it. I like the idea of having a common area with a small group of people rather than an entire floor of people.

For now, everything is moving along and I’m trying not to think about saying goodbye to everyone when I leave. I’ve been focusing on the better aspects of all this and how excited I am. But I really will be sad and have a hard time saying goodbye to my life for four months. Alan and I also decided that him coming to visit may not work out as well as we thought it would. The only time he would be able to visit is in November, and I won’t know how busy I’ll be when he would get there. After this Friday I won’t be working so I’ll have time to relax, prepare, and spend time with everyone before I leave.

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