Four days!

My mom mentioned to me over dinner tonight that I should blog about how I feel leading up to leaving. I wasn’t sure if I really felt up to it, seeing as I figured it would be a whole bunch of random paragraphs about how insanely nervous I am. But here goes anyway! I am deathly terrified of flying in airplanes. I hate heights too, so that adds to the sheer terror I feel sitting at 40,000 feet above the ground. Every time I have to get on an airplane I pretty much lose the ability to sleep and eat normally for about a week before. For some people, this seems pretty dramatic, and believe me it would be easier if I could somehow calm myself down. But it just doesn’t happen. I do have measures that I’m taking to make sure I will fall asleep on the plane. Namely, staying up all night Monday before I leave. My flight anxiety is making me more nervous that I would normally be.

Other than that, I’ve gotten most of my packing done. I’ll probably go through some of it again just to make sure I have some space for the trip back. It hasn’t turned out to be as bad as I thought it would be.

I’ve mostly finished up purchasing everything I need other than a few things here and there. And I was able to pick my my yen from the bank. It’s funny that this seems like so much more money than what it really is.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning for Cincinnati to watch the tennis masters going on there now. Alan and I come back on Sunday night and are going to a friends bbq party. I feel like from here on out the days are going to absolutely fly by. Yet I feel like I still have so much to do!

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  1. Andrew
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 08:01:34

    Don’t be so terrified of flying on an airplane. The worst problems you’ll face is probably turbulence but its nothing. Its like riding in a car and you hit a pothole. Just bring some noise-cancelling headphones and play your music. Trust me, flying isn’t as bad as it seems. And as for being afraid of heights…once you see the city lights as you fly away, you will probably love it, it is really beautiful. Also flying over the ocean and looking down, it is just so gorgeous. If you enjoy the finer things in life than flying won’t be such a big deal as you look down at the beautiful scenery. If you was on the same flight as me I would definitely be able to comfort you by talking to you and distracting you. Just try to not to worry about your fear of heights and everything will be pretty smooth. Oh, also bring gum to chew on cuz your ears will pop as you ascend to higher altitudes.


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