Hiroshima, Miyajima, and Thanksgiving.

I’m not going to write too much about the trip I took to Hiroshima. The night bus was certainly an experience, but it was cheap and it got us there so I can’t be upset about it. I’m surprised that we actually fit in most of the stuff we wanted to do. The only thing that we missed out on was the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. We went to Miyajima first and then back to the city, so by the time we got to the museum it had closed for the day. We did get to see the Genabaku-dome at least. I didn’t take any pictures of the dome itself for my own reasons, and Peter did the same. Sadly I didn’t take too many of the actual city either. It is really built and up and actually reminds me a bit of Chicago for some reason. Other than extreme fatigue and getting lost more than a few times, I think we both had a good time. I’m especially glad we went to Miyajima because it was by far the most beautiful place I’ve seen since I’ve been here.

This past Tuesday was Labor Thanksgiving Day so we had the day off classes. My suitemates and I constructed a Thanksgiving meal. It turned out really well! I took up the job of making dessert, so I made a cake. Having none of my recipes and no mixer I just went with a box cake. We have no oven and our microwave doesn’t have a bake setting so I made the sponge of the cake in the rice cooker. I was super worried that it wouldn’t work, but it was a success!

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